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When you are thinking about renting out your home, you want to list it on the websites that generate the most traffic and inquiries. Currently VRBO/Homeaway and AirBNB are the most popular listing websites. Most everyone else doesn’t get much traffic at all and in my opinion are not worth your time. But it seems there is a new player in town that wants to upset things,

I am not going to link to them here, because they have shady business practices. They have a nice looking website and seem to be free for everyone (the other sites I listed above charge a hefty fee). I became aware of them because they starting sending me unsolicited spam text messages to my cell phone. They got it by scraping one of the sites above and seem to think its okay to send me messages.

I don’t know how good this site will be, but I wonder how they are going to make money (selling customer data I presume). There is also no way to contact the company, they even hide their domain name details which sets off a red flag to me. But starting your business out on a negative item and sending spam doesn’t make me want to use it!

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