Who is Nicholas Stonob and why doesn’t he pay his bills?

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For years now, I have been receiving robo-calls for someone I’ve never heard of, with seemingly no way to make it stop. I get an operator, explain that I’m not him and they claim they take me off the list. Only for the calls to start again from a different collections agency!

Is it economically viable to harass deadbeats?

It does make me wonder how often these things work, calling someone years after they have decided to skip out on their bills. Or just the cost of having the machine call someone is next to nothing so their cost is basically zero to harass me.

Automated attendants for everyone?

The only short term solution I can think of that would stop these robocalls is to have some sort of assistant that prompts the user to enter information before putting the call through. Perhaps I should spent a little money on an app to do that so I can stop being woken up by these companies!

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  1. Russ says:

    I am STILL receiving calls from these debt collectors. I wish I DID know this guy, I would personally go get him to pay up! Although its a different debt collector each time, its not fair to harass different people over this, I wish there was a better solution.

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