Yelp hides bad reviews

Yelp hides bad reviews

I’ve noticed that Yelp has been showing a line at the top of reviews claiming that they don’t delete bad reviews.  They claim that if a business owner pays them for an account they can’t delete negative reviews, and give links to google and other researchers that back up their claim.

From my personal experience, I can say that I know that they do in fact delete/remove bad reviews.  I left a bad review for a Limo company and for a CPA, and now both are gone!  I only noticed it because the CPA called me and politely asked if I would remove my bad review, as he didn’t feel it was justified.  I told him I would think about it and reconsider, and went back to Yelp to see what it was I had posted.  The bad review I left was gone!  I then checked the limo business only to find out that bad review was also gone!

I then logged into the account, and my bad reviews are still there!  Somehow, my reviews aren’t showing up when you visit the page.  Which makes me wonder why I should ever trust them again…

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  1. I thought I should post an update. Yelp keeps calling my businesses and wants me to sign up and pay them for various forms of advertising or marketing. I told them I wasn’t interested and to stop calling, and told them about how they hide bad reviews. To which the person on the phone goes into script-reading mode about how they don’t remove reviews, they have a complicated algorithm that decides what is relevant, etc. So obviously they get a lot of complaints about it. I told them that until they start acting less shady I won’t be giving them any business. They also wanted several thousand dollars per year to be an advertiser or something to improve my listing on their site! My IT business is miscategorized on yelp now anyway, so no real harm to me. It just goes to show you can’t really trust them for reviews.

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