So you’ve locked yourself out of your Sonicwall NSA

So you’ve locked yourself out of your Sonicwall NSA

I had a funny experience where I had accidentally locked myself out of a Sonicwall NSA series firewall. I was replacing the login page with a custom one, and I had accidentally clicked OK before pasting the full HTML code. So now the login page was broken!

SSH and Console wasn’t allowed?

I tried to SSH, but for some reason it wouldn’t accept the admin password, so I went to the console with a serial cable and that didn’t work either!

I called Sonicwall Support, and found out that there is a secret default login URL in case you accidentally break the login admin page:
https://<sonicwall IP>/defauth.html

No special characters!

As to why the admin password wouldn’t work, it turns out that “special characters” are not allowed in any CLI commands! I then removed the special characters from the password and was able to login via SSH and console again. I think this is a serious security flaw though, Sonicwall needs to fix this!


How to reset via SSH

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