Automatic Ticketing Parking Meter

Automatic Ticketing Parking Meter

One of my hobbies is embedded electronics. I was thinking of how cities/municipalities/etc pay a lot of “meter maids” to go around and ticket parking offenses, and how it really should be automated. This way you could eliminate most of them (but not all) and increase revenue at the same time. Of course if you park at meters you probably won’t like this prototype I’ve made.

New invention

I have created a prototype automatic parking meter. The first version was based off a Raspberry Pi and has a HD camera to record whenever someone backs into a parking spot, and uses quite a bit of image recognition to detect the license plate. It saves pictures and video of when the vehicle pulls into the space, and again when they leave the space. You can of course give grace periods and it has a light to indicate that a ticket was issued so the offender is aware they have a violation. If it cannot identify the plate or it does not detect the same plate when the person pulls in/out, then it logs it as non-ticketable. The 2nd version is considerably better, but I’m afraid to post details here in case someone is interested in purchasing the technology.

If anyone is interested in using this technology or just purchasing it, please contact me via

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