Enable SNMP on Extreme Networks Switch

Enable SNMP on Extreme Networks Switch

The newer Extreme Networks XOS has a nice auto-secure sort of feature when you first set them up that locks down several things, one of them being SNMP. I was trying to add some X440G2 switches to Cacti and was having trouble enabling SNMP. These are the commands that seemed to work.

For reference, this was on version for ExtremeXOS (X440G2-48t-10G4) switches.
configure snmp add community readonly public
enable snmp access
enable snmp community public
enable snmp access vr "VR-Default"

configure snmpv3 add community "public" name "public" user "v1v2c_ro"

Note that you might not need the last line, its sort of bad practice to use the name public also!

These guides were helpful, but didn’t work necessarily:
Smartreport guide

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