LinkedHacker Review: lies and broken promises

LinkedHacker Review: lies and broken promises

About 4 months ago, I was looking for a new lead generation method for my IT company, and I came across LinkedHacker. The idea seemed good, reach out via LinkedIn to people to make a connection, then send them a non-spammy message asking if they would like to hear about your product/service. They promise 10-20 leads per week on their website and I thought that seemed like a great number of leads for the small price. Using their math, there was no way to fail! I found out that in reality they deliver nowhere near that mount of leads…

So what happened?

Since I have had limited success myself with coming up with marketing campaigns, I explained my business and let LinkedHacker come up with the campaign and message. They did get a bunch of people to connect with me, however many of them weren’t the type of prospects that I wanted to connect with. For example I was connected with students instead of business owners! This repeated itself again and again, they were unable to connect me with the right people, and even the few times they did there were not even 1% of the leads that were promised.

Don’t bother using LinkedHacker

After trying again and again, and giving LinkedHacker multiple chances to change the campaign and to change their methods, in the end after 3+ months I only had 3 actual leads. That’s right, only 3 people were interested in talking about my services. That’s nowhere near their 10-20 leads per week, and far below many other lead generation methods. I wouldn’t use them again!

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