Fuck paypal, they stole money from me. Again.

Fuck paypal, they stole money from me. Again.

I stopped using paypal about 10 years ago because of an instance where they randomly decided that my account was suspicious and froze my account balance. I never got that money back, they just kept it. Recently I had a bunch of things to sell on eBay and it turns out that by default they just accept money via paypal. I did not realize this, and of course everyone paid me via that method.

I was unable to spend the money, paypal insisted that I had to ship the items first, then they would unfreeze the balance. So I stupidly did that instead of canceling the purchases and having checks sent or some other method of payment. Then paypal says the funds are now available to be claimed. So I thought I could then send the money to someone else or spend it somehow. Guess again.

Now they want my SSN, birthdate, address, etc BEFORE I can do anything with the money. It isn’t over $600 so there is no federal requirement for filing W9’s or anything, they just seem to want it. I remember a court case years ago where they insisted they were not a bank and not subject to bank rules, so there can’t be some requirement there, they just seem to want the information.

Fuck that noise. I sure as hell am not giving a company that has already stolen from me a chance to steal from me again and screw up my credit or commit identity fraud or lose me information or worse. I just lost the $500 in my account again it seems.

Fuck paypal. Fuck eBay. I’m never using either again.

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  1. I was able to get the money by adding a bank account and not verifying it. They did transfer the money and they keep asking me to finish setting up my account. I am just ignoring the emails, I went so far as to close the bank account because I didn’t want them to take the money back out again!

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