Google caller ID is wrong

Google caller ID is wrong

If you have a Pixel phone by google, chances are your caller ID will show the wrong name when I call. It will show the correct number, but it will show a different name. The worst part is, there is no way to fix this and Google is blaming everyone else! This only happens when I call someone with a Google Pixel phone, no other phones have this problem.

Wait, what?

The name that shows up when I call people is the name I used to use for my vacation home when I rented it out. So it is “XXXX Lodge”. I used to have a website for this for people to book reservations through (think VRBO), so at first I thought that was how it did it. But it didn’t rename other phones, only mine. I found out that some of the first users of the new Pixel phones were guests that stayed at my place, and they put my number in their address book that way.

So if the way my number somehow got stored in a Google caller id database is from a user’s address book, surely there is some way to change it right? Nope.

Google claims to be blameless

I have tried several times to get Google to fix this, but they blame everyone but themselves. They blame my phone carrier, even though I’ve gone there and they are confounded as to why that would be. It doesn’t happen with anyone else, and its only on Pixel phones (for now anyway). They won’t even help me unless I have Google Fi it seems.

Up the creek

So it seems that I am stuck. I am tempted to sign up for Google Fi just so they can fix it! With no real way to change it and no way for Google to acknowledge the problem, I just have to suffer. The only think I can think of is to go to a Google campus near me and make a stink in the lobby about it.

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  1. This problem is now fixed for me, when I took the website that used to be about my lodge for rent down when I sold the property, the caller ID fixed itself shortly after! To my knowledge google hasn’t fixed the source though, there still doesn’t seem to be a way to fix their bad caller id if you aren’t a customer.

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