One born every minute

One born every minute

I was reading in the news about people that purchased non-functional old server hardware because it used to run World of Warcraft. What’s more, they paid over $300/each for one of these! I could see spending some small token amount to own it as a souvenir, but not as much as it would cost to buy one of these things today!

HP c7000 hardware

I used to work with the blade hardware in question, they are HP c7000 series blades, and a working one goes for $300 on eBay today. Somehow Blizzard convinced people to shell out the full cost as if it were working by putting it in a plastic case. I remember these used so much power in a datacenter (we had to run dual triple-phase power to each chassis that held 16 blades in it) and back then we decided the power cost was too much for this setup, we didn’t have a space issue for our environment at the time.

Insult to injury

It turns out that the poor fools people that bought one of these didn’t get quite get what they paid for, they were shipped poorly and many of them arrived with the plastic case broken.

Buy one yourself

If you really want one for yourself and don’t mind if there is no plastic case, you can just buy a complete broken c7000 blade on ebay for as little as $70 and you’ll have the peace of mind knowing it will be shipped better than if you bought one from Blizzard! Nobody will know the difference.

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