Who goes to the supermarket anymore?

Who goes to the supermarket anymore?

This past Sunday I went to a few different supermarkets. Something I haven’t done for over a year, because I signed up for food delivery programs and more recently the Amazon Whole Foods delivery service. I was shocked to see this main difference between Whole Foods and every other supermarket I visited.

This one truth will shock you…

The shocking thing to me was that although all supermarkets were busy, the majority of the shoppers at Whole Foods were people bagging orders for the home delivery service! I would estimate about 75% of the people there were actually bagging orders for home delivery. I wonder if Whole Foods will eventually move to a warehouse-only model in the near future!


It is worth noting, that among the supermarkets I did visit, only Whole Foods has the home delivery service option. I didn’t go to Stop & Shop to see about their Peapod delivery service. I’ll try to go next weekend and post an update to see what their customer base is.

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